Kazanlak is the largest non-district city in Bulgaria, the second largest in Stara Zagora district and the tenth largest economic center. The city is located in the geographical center of the country between the southern slopes of the Balkan Mountains and the northern foot of  mountains. Nearby is the national spa complex in Pavel Banya city. It is known as the center of the Rose Valley of Bulgaria.

Kazanlak is a city of artists, roses, thracian kings as well as an attractive tourist destination. The city is the largest and best preserved thracian tomb in Bulgaria included in the UNESCO list, History Museum, Museum of the Rose. Nearby is the ancient city of Sevtopolis and the valley of the thracian kings. The municipality covers an area of 634.8 km2. The city is the administrative center of Kazanlak municipality.

Kazanlak – the city of Roses and Thracian Kings

Project „Kazanlak“ 10 x 5 MW

  • Location: Central Bulgaria, region of Kazanlak, villages of Yassenovo and Golyamo Dryanovo.
  • GPS data of the plot – latitude: N 42°40’19.07″, longitude: E 25°14’24.41″, 375m above sea level.

Photovoltaic power plant „Kazanlak“

The PV Project „Kazanlak“ is divided into 10 separate SPVs (Solar Photo voltaic plants) with 5 MW capacity each:


  • Each company is a separate legal entity;
  • Economic independence for each of them:
  • Relieved licensing regime – not subject to licensing by the Commission for Energy Regulation;
  • Complete freedom and independence of the regulatory authorities in all actions related to the disposition of the property to ensure banking institutions, transfer of ownership and others;
  • Lower operating expenses including security staff, maintenance and operation of the park in proportion to the scale of the photovoltaic installation:

Infrastructure and security:

  • The infrastructure is fully completed – 100% (fences, fire roads and connecting equipment, lighting, security lighting, security surveillance, data transmission in real time supplied to the energy system operator, a system for controlling metering of electricity)
  • Each separate company has signed a individual agreement with NEC (National electric company) for accession and also owns individual account of commercial metering of electricity
  • Point of connection established in the territory of the power plant substation. Voltage at the point of connection to the national power grid substation built on site – 20 kV.
  • Each of the companies owns the right to construct buildings for the period of 30 years. No need to pay ground rent within these 30 years.

Project „Kazanlak“ Total yield from 2012 to 2015

Project „Kazanlak“ Specific PV System Yield from 2012 to 2015

Bird’s eye view – Photovoltaic power plant „Kazanlak“ (Stage 1)

Construction (Stage 1)

Photovoltaic power plant „Kazanlak“, Stage 1

Substation 20/110 kV

Substation 20/110 kV – bird’s eye view

Bird’s eye view – Photovoltaic power plant „Kazanlak“ (Stage 1)

Stockroom – Photovoltaic power plant „Kazanlak“

O & M Team – Photovoltaic power plant „Kazanlak“

Security Team – Photovoltaic power plant „Kazanlak“

O & M services for photovoltaic power plant „Kazanlak“

  • Monitoring of the PV plants, including:
    • 24/7/365 monitoring;
    • Weekly, monthly and annual reports;
    • 24/7 server access;
  • PV generator DC side ,Medium voltage AC side (incl. transformers and switchgear):
    • Guaranteed availability;
    • Regular inspections and preventive maintenance of the PV plants:
    • Corrective maintenance and repair of the PV plants;
  • Inverters and string boxes:
    • Guaranteed availability;
    • Annual inspection and regular maintenance, incl. first level support;
  • Administrative management:
    • Provision and compliance with the legal prerequisites for the operation of а photovoltaic power plant;
    • Operative management and maintenance of relations with NEC/ESO;
    • Operative management and maintenance of relations with local and municipal administrative authorities;
  • Security, monitoring and surveillance system (in accordance with Ordinance Nr. 7 dated 08. June 1998 on the physical protection systems of buildings):
    • Monitoring centre;
    • Guard and patrolling services;
    • Regular inspection and preventive maintenance;
  • Performance Ratio guarantee for the entire plant
  • Accountancy services from Deloitte BG

Доклад по наблюдението и контрола на въздействието върху околната среда(PDF, 0.98 Mb)

Доклад по наблюдението и контрола на въздействието върху околната среда(PDF, 1.07 Mb)

Писмо за съгласуване на Обобщена справка(JPEG, 1.58 Mb)

Обобщена справка(PDF, 2.14 Mb)

Писмо за одобрение на Доклад по наблюдение и контрол при прилагането на ПУП-ПЗ(PDF, 0.15 Mb)

Сезонен мониторинг върху растителността и животинския свят, община Казанлък(PDF, 2.11 Mb)

Становище по Екологична оценка номер СЗ-1-1-ЕО/2011 г.(PDF, 2.40 Mb)

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